1. LOCAL RENTAL ONLY: Our vehicles are STRICTLY for LOCAL rental. Local means DFW and surrounding cities. A maximum of 100 Mile radius from our office is allowed. Taking cars outside that area constitutes a violation that will result in loss of deposit and cancellation of rental privileges and vehicle shut off.
  2. Your Weekly Rental rate is $________. Pre-payment is required to secure the weekly rate otherwise the daily rate of $_________ will apply. The daily rate will apply when a car is returned early (Pro-rate on pre-payments).
  3. Payment is due by 5PM on the due date. Any payments received after 5 PM will be assessed a late fee. Payments made over the phone will be charged $4.95 processing fee.
  4. Renters must provide their own insurance to cover the rental car and all other third parties. Failure to maintain insurance during the rental period will result in a loss of deposit and repossession of the vehicle with or without notice. If renting beyond a month Full Coverage Insurance will be required.
  5. Deposit of US $250 is required on file at all times in addition to the rental charges. Deposit will be lost if the car is repossessed to cover repossession fees and associated fees. A bank issued debit card or credit card is required on file. Rental, Renewals, Late charges, toll fees and other fees associated with the rental will be deducted from the deposit and using any card used during your rental period. Cash deposits will be refunded by a company check.
  6. All fines or traffic violations, as well as any additional add on fees, are the responsibility of the renter, including but not limited to administrative fees, loss of use, diminished value, tow, storage, impound, appraisal fees and any other fees associated with the loss or damage to the rental. IMPORTANT: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL TOLL VIOLATIONS AND DEPOSIT WILL BE APPLIED TO TOLLS. METRO CHARGES ADMIN FEES ON TOLLS ($15/INVOICE/VIOLATION). Your Credit Card/Debit Card will be used for all amount owed to us for rental, rental renewals over the phone or violations during your rental period.
  7. Any vehicle overdue 24hrs will be automatically be reported to the Local Police as stolen and renter hereby waives any claims on the part of the lesser for the consequences of said report and any and all claims resulting thereof.
  8. Renter is responsible for TIRES and WINDSHIELD during the rental period. I am responsible for changing tires in the event of a flat. Metro may charge a fee to do it on customer’s behalf subject to availability. Excessive dirtiness charge will be assessed accordingly up to but not limited to $ 200.00.
  9. All rental vehicles are NON-SMOKING. Any smoke detection will result in loss of deposit.
  10. It is the responsibility of the renter to return the vehicle to its original point of pick up in the event of an emergency, if vehicle is rendered inoperable. The address to tow vehicle to is 3317 Finley Road Ste 257, Irving TX 75062. Abandonment of vehicle will result in loss of deposit and rental privileges will automatically be suspended.
  11. I authorize the rental company to recover/disable vehicles that violate company policies with or without notice. Violations include but are not limited to driving outside the allowed city limits (DFW) 100 Miles within our office, Failure to maintain Insurance or failure to pay in a timely manner. I will not hold the Rental Company responsible for any inconveniences caused or property lost if the car is repossessed for any reason. My deposit will also not be refunded if the car is repossessed.
  12. There are NO GUARANTEES of being approved for the rent to on program. The Company reserves the sole discretion and may or may not accept a customer on the program if they feel that it’s not in the company’s best interest. A valid Rent to own contract must be executed to get on the program.